Optical Microresonator Technology

The technology behind MicroR systems are optical microresonators. These unique devices are capable of trapping light in a ridge going around the circumference of a cylinder. Due to the physics of the system (optical whispering gallery mode) only certain colors can be allowed into the microresonator. As a result of the exceptional material properties of the systems used these colors are extremely precise, so the system can serve as a reference for laser systems. 

The advance applications exploit special nonlinear properties of the materials used. Under the right conditions ultra-fast pulses of light can be formed inside the crystal, creating an optical frequency comb. These unique features can be used as a high capacity channel generator for telecommunications, low noise microwave generation for advanced radar sources, and for next generation atomic clocks.

We initially will provide an OEM module with fiber-in fiber-out connections containing the core technology. This can be immediately used as an optical reference cavity or as an optical frequency comb source.