Optical Reference Cavities

Optical reference cavities are exceptionally high quality optical filters. They can be used to filter optical signals or more commonly as references for laser systems. As a reference they enable dramatic improvement in the quality of laser systems

In recent years great advances in reference cavity design based on Fabry-Perot cavities have occurred [1]. They now offer unprecedented stability and finesse, but these improvements have come at the expense of large volumes (1000 cm^3). MicroR will providean integrated with a finesse equal to the large scale devices but in a low volume package, utilizing fiber pigtails for integration into more complex systems. The heart of the package will be a crystalline optical microresonator, which offers greater stability than other optical microresonator platforms due to the high quality (Q) factors and low thermal noise. These systems have demonstrated stabilities of 10^(-13) at 1 s in laboratory settings [2].

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