A start up from the Swiss, National Centre of Competence in Research "QSIT - Quantum Science & Technology" and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.

We are currently looking for industrial partners for systems integration and optical packaging.


MicroR systems is being spun off by Dr. John D. Jost, from the group of Prof. Tobias J. Kippenberg at EPFL. Dr. Jost has over 17 years of research experience where 9 of those years were spent working with Dr. Dave Wineland in the time and frequency division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, CO USA, and prior to that experience working on frequency combs with Prof. Jun Ye and Dr. John Hall at JILA in Boulder, CO USA. In addition, for the past 3.5 years he worked in the group of Prof. Tobias J. Kippenberg at EPFL where he focused his efforts on the technology of crystalline optical microresonators, created the first self-referenced micro-resonator optical frequency comb and developed a new all optical stabilization technique for crystalline microresonators.